CRMS & HRMS (Customer Relationship Management System & Human Resource Management System)

Skywaves Software CRMS & HRMS solutions are designed to optimize customer relationship management and human resource processes. By incorporating advanced analytics, automation, and personalized experiences, these systems contribute to enhanced organizational efficiency, improved employee engagement, and strategic decision-making.

Employee Information Management

  • The HRMS consolidates employee information, encompassing personal details, qualifications, and employment history.

Attendance and Leave Management

  • Efficient tool for tracking employee attendance, managing leave requests, and automating attendance-related processes.

Payroll Management

  • The system automates payroll processes, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and compliance with labor regulations.

Performance Management

  • Capabilities for defining employee objectives, conducting performance assessments, and providing feedback to enhance the overall performance of the workforce.

Training and Development

  • The HRMS incorporates employee training and development initiatives, tracking training progress and identifying skill gaps.

Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Effective tool for seamlessly handling the recruitment process, from posting job openings to smoothly onboarding new hires.

Employee Self-Service Portal

  • The integration allows employees to access and update their information, view pay stubs, and submit leave requests.

Benefits Administration

  • The HRMS streamlines benefits administration processes, including enrollment, tracking, and compliance with benefit programs.

Document Management

  • Centralized storage and management of HR-related documents, ensuring convenient access and adherence to document retention policies.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Robust reporting and analytics tools provide insights into HR metrics, helping organizations make data-driven decisions.

Integration with External Systems

  • Seamless integration capabilities with other business systems, ensuring data consistency and enhancing overall organizational connectivity.

Mobile Accessibility

  • The HRMS provides mobile accessibility, allowing employees and HR professionals to access HR-related information and processes on mobile devices.

Contact Management

  • The CRMS consolidates customer information, offering a complete perspective on contacts, interactions, and communication history.

Lead Management

  • Effective lead tracking and management features assist businesses in nurturing leads along the sales funnel, thereby enhancing conversion rates.

Opportunity Managemen

  • Skywaves Software CRMS includes tools for tracking and managing sales opportunities, providing insights into potential revenue streams.

Sales Pipeline Management

  • The visualization and administration of the sales pipeline enable businesses to monitor deal progress and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Customer Communication

  • The CRMS enables communication with customers through diverse channels such as email, phone, and social media, guaranteeing effective and prompt interactions.

Task and Activity Management

  • Features for arranging tasks, appointments, and follow-ups aid sales teams in maintaining organization and focus on crucial activities.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Robust reporting and analytics tools provide insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and overall CRMS effectiveness.

Integration with External Systems

  • Effortless integration capabilities with additional business systems guarantee data consistency and elevate the overall connectivity within the organization.

Mobile Accessibility

  • The CRMS offers mobile accessibility, enabling sales teams to access customer information and oversee interactions while on the move.

Customer Support Integration

  • Integration with customer support systems for a holistic view of customer interactions, improving customer service and issue resolution.

Efficient Lead Management

  • Scoring models and automated lead nurturing improve lead conversion rates and sales efficiency.

Comprehensive Customer Insights

  • 360-degree customer profiles and AI-driven personalization enhance understanding and engagement with customers.

Informed Sales Strategies

  • Forecasting models and real-time dashboards empower sales teams with accurate insights for strategic decision-making.

Streamlined Employee Onboarding

  • Virtual onboarding experiences and e-signature support streamline the employee onboarding process, enhancing efficiency.

Continuous Performance Improvement

  • Continuous feedback loops and goal alignment features promote ongoing employee development and performance improvement.

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