Cab Services

Cab Services Application

Skywaves Software Cab Services Application is crafted to offer users a convenient and dependable solution for accessing transportation services. With its user-friendly interfaces, real-time tracking, secure payment options, and transparent pricing, the application strives to elevate the overall experience for passengers using cab services.

User Profiles

  • Users can create profiles within the application, providing personal details, preferences, and payment information for a seamless booking experience.

Geolocation Services

  • Incorporation of geolocation services, allowing users to request rides, monitor driver locations, and estimate arrival times using real-time location data.

Ride Booking

  • User-friendly interfaces for easy ride booking, allowing users to select destinations, choose vehicle types, and schedule rides for immediate or future use.

Driver Matching Algorithm

  • An efficient matching algorithm that pairs users with available drivers based on proximity, availability, and user preferences.

Real-time Tracking

  • Real-time tracking of the assigned driver’s location, allowing users to monitor the arrival and progress of their ride.

In-app Communication

  • Communication features within the app that empower users to reach out to drivers, offer additional instructions, or inquire about the ride.

Secure Payment Gateway

  • Integration with a secure payment gateway to facilitate cashless transactions, supporting various payment methods.

Ratings and Reviews

  • A rating and review system for users to provide feedback on drivers and overall ride experiences, fostering accountability and service improvement.

Split Fare Option

  • A split fare option for users traveling together, allowing them to share the cost of the ride seamlessly through the application.

Ride History

  • A ride history log for users to track past rides, view receipts, and access details of previous transactions.

Price Estimation

  • Transparent price estimation features, providing users with an estimated fare before confirming the ride, promoting pricing transparency.

Emergency Assistance

  • Dedicated features for emergency assistance, including an SOS button or direct access to emergency services through the application.

Loyalty Programs

  • Loyalty programs or reward systems crafted to encourage consistent users by providing discounts or exclusive promotions for dedicated customers.

Vehicle Options

  • Options for users to choose from various vehicle types, such as standard, premium, or shared rides, based on their preferences and budget.

Accessibility Features

  • Accessibility features to cater to passengers with special needs, ensuring an inclusive and convenient transportation service.

Instant and Flexible Booking

  • Users can instantly book cabs with multiple ride options, providing flexibility based on their preferences.

Transparent Payment Processes

  • Integration with secure payment options and fare estimation features ensures transparency and efficient billing.

Optimized Travel Routes

  • Intelligent route planning and real-time traffic updates optimize travel time, enhancing the overall efficiency of the cab service.

User Safety Assurance

  • Safety features such as driver verification and emergency buttons prioritize user safety and contribute to a secure and reliable cab service.

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